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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 9, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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regret every day is a horrible thing. just know that we will continue to grow and show the world what real love is." and in his first comments since the suspension, ray rice told espn today, i have to be strong for my wife. we are in good spirits" > the scandal is also having an impact at rice's alma mater, rutgers university in new jersey where he was a star. the athletic department says this banner which features rice will soon come down. they are also removing his clips from a highlights video shown during games. players on the rutgers football team weren't talking much and neither was head coach kyle flood who was an assistant coach when rice played for the scarlett knights. >> i don't have any comment on what the nfl has done. and i have not had any communication with ray. >> reporter: he is being dropped from the hit videogame
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madden nfl 15. and nike says it is severing business ties with the former ravens runningback. despite what roger goodell told cbs news today, the controversy over this whole thing continues. just when did the nfl officials actually first see this new assault video? what do they know? when did they know it? ken bastida, kpix 5. in the meantime, 49ers ceo jed york is speaking out in response to the rice case and the domestic violence allegations against 9ers player ray mcdonald. york said, quote, each case is separate. ray mcdonald is not ray rice. the district attorney has not yet made a decision on charges. it's the big reveal we have all been waiting for. it's been four years since we have seen something new from apple and today ceo tim cook showed off the newest products. kpix 5's betty yu joins us live from cupertino with a look at
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apple's next chapter. betty. >> reporter: today responded to speculation about what new products and technology it might release. today it entered new territory -- of sorts. >> we are launching the biggest advancement in the history of iphones. >> reporter: they are faster, thinner and bigger. the best iphones tim cook says apple has ever made. the 6 and 6 plus are getting new brains, improved battery life, better camera, sleek new look. but the real start of the show was something called the next chapter in apple's story and the tim cook era. >> we have one more thing. >> reporter: he rolled out the apple watch the way steve jobs ended his keynote addresses on the stage where he debuted the original mac computer 30 years ago. it's the first new product in
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four years and its most personal. >> because you wear it, we invented new intimate ways to connect and communicate directly from your wrist. >> reporter: cook said the $349 watch isn't a shrunken iphone. it uses a dial on the side to interact with apps including its new health and fitness tracker. the. >> the iwatch is interesting. it's going to, you know, potentially change the market. it's going to shape what other companies are doing. >> reporter: the watch connects wirelessly to the iphone and works as a portable wallet. >> that's a device that is open for innovation and not too much places in the space. all the big guys are there but pretty cumbersome to use, so i'm looking forward to the watch. >> reporter: apple says this will forever change the way we buy things. "apple pay" wants to speed up the check out process. it will work at stores like macy's, mcdonald's and whole
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foods. you can start using apple pay in october. the watch goes on sale early next year. and the new iphone also go on sale september 19. by the way, the mysterious white structure we have been talking about for two weeks turned out to be a pop-up showroom. coming up at 6:00, we'll talk about whether apple lived up to the hype today. live in cupertino, betty yu, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] ♪[ music ] >> always a little star power at the apple events. bono and u-2 performed from an exclusive album calls songs of new jersey. it's a free download. today's apple announcement is bad news for those waiting to sell their old iphones. they are giving iphone 5s away. >> reporter: what a difference the day makes. the price of the i-5 is down overnight bad news for those who want the new model but good
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news for those who don't care about having last year's model. $285 to more than $400 for used iphone 5s models yesterday. as part of the iphone 6 extravaganza today, they will start selling the 5s for $99 and the 5c is free. you can bet the offers for over $400 for an iphone 5 is a thing of the past. iphones lose value when the new models are announced. it automatically loses 10% anyway. to get the most for your phone, sell it as soon as you hear an apple announcement is imminent. >> all right. thank you. for in depth reviews of the new iphone, top tweets on features and potential frustrations, go to our website, an all-out search is under way for a hayward teenager who walked away from his home three days ago hasn't been seen
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since. authorities say 16-year-old he had a fight with his father saturday afternoon. alameda county sheriff's deputies are set up in the hills near his home. they say he walked into the woods. police particularly concerned because he is described as a good student who has never run away before. they say this is out of character. the hunt is expanding to find the mountain lion that attacked a boy three days ago. state and federal crews are deploying new technologies in the hills near cupertino where that attack happened. mark sayre has the latest on the all out search to find big cat. mark. >> reporter: state officials say they very much still consider this mountain lion to be a threat. one thing they cannot say for sure is it's still in the area. the trail to the pa chetty open space preserve remained closed with ominous warning saints posted. there has been a recent mountain lion encounter and nobody should enter. the search is being led by rangers from the state department of fish and wildlife. >> it's pretty intense but this
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doesn't happen very often. >> reporter: today rangers added new tools in the effort to locate the mountain lion and an additional dog tracking team brings to 7 the number of dogs search the area. there are four cages with bait set up to trap the mountain lion alive. and five motion activated cameras are being placed in strategic locations in an effort to try to get a fix on the lion. officials were also working on dna from the lion obtained from the boy's shirt. >> at our lab they got a full dna profile. they have not had a chance to analyze it yet but they are working on it now. possibly, as soon as early evening we could know the sex of the lion which would be help: the trackers can certainly tell if they have a lion in a tree or in a trap, they cook determine if it's male or female. one more clue we have to ensure that we have the right cat. >> reporter: we have some updated information. we have just received it, the mountain lion is a male. they believe it is a subadult
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possibly 80 to 85 points. that is what they are looking for. the boy that was attacked here on sunday was released from the hospital yesterday. mark sayre, kpix 5. tonight the chilling 911 call from a deadly confrontation with a deputy. >> get back, get back, sir, please! [ screaming ] >> her family says she didn't have to die. the critical training they claim could have saved her. dangerous downpours torrential rain, washes away cars. the storm creating a travel nightmare near las vegas. >> near san francisco, it's all about climbing temperatures today about 10 degrees warmer throughout much of the bay area and we're not done climbing yet. find out how long many of you will stay in the 90s. that is coming up. >> and call him the bargaining burglar. faced with a gun, wait until you see how a home intruder tries to talk his way out. ,,,,,,,,
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shot and killed by a san mao sheriff's deputy is suing t the family of an 18-year- old woman shot and killed by san mateo county sheriff's deputies is suing the county. the person was gunned down on june 3 in half moon bay after coming at a deputy with a knife. ken kept has the 911 tapes from before the shooting. >> reporter: carmen garcia says her daughter was wrongly gunned down by a san mateo deputy last june. [ speaking spanish ] >> asking for justice. >> reporter: today the family was joined by attorneys and supporters to announce a lawsuit against san mateo county and the deputy involved for the killing of 18-year-old yanira serrano garcia the allegation very simply is that there was excessive force. >> 911 emergency. >> this is not really an emergency. i'll calling because my sister,
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uhm, she has schizophrenia. >> reporter: it's a medical because she stopped taking her meds and was yelling at her parents. >> she has a knife. >> reporter: but when deputies were the first to arrived an armed and fatal confrontation unfolds. >> she is following the cops -- she is following the cop with the knife. [ yelling ] >> she just got shot. >> get back, get back, please! >> open mic. >> no. >> reporter: last month a district attorney's office decided not to file charges against the officer involved saying he acted in defense of his own life. but the deputy nine-year veteran menh trieu had not received critical incident training which focuses on mental health issues. >> you can't create a threat to yourself and shoot somebody after creating that danger. >> reporter: the suit says properly trained deputies would have known how to deescalate the situation. in half moon bay, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the one of the key facts that is in the dispute is the size of the knife the woman was
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holding. the family says it was a 5" parring knife used to peel fruit. the makeover that could change the identity of one bay area city. >> taking the "knockout game" to the next level. mobs of teens attack people just for the fun of it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the islamic terror group president obama briefed congressional leaders today making his case for how to handle the islamic terror group isis. top leaders met the president at the white house to hear his plan. mr. obama wants to, quote, a buy-in for his strategy but the white house hasn't said whether he will seek formal congressional authorization for military action. >> i think it would be a mistake for the president to wait for congress to act. if he believes action is necessary as commander-in-chief he should take it. >> the president has already authorized air strikes in iraq but is facing to bomb syria. mr. obama will outline his plan publicly in a prime time address tomorrow. we will bring it to you live at
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6:00 p.m. a violent attack caught on camera as a mob of teenagers in memphis starts beating a customer in a store parking lot lot. >> two store employees came out to help and the teenagers started to attack them, as well. kicking them until they lost consciousness even throwing pumpkins eight one of them. a witness who saw it says this was all part of a violent game. >> think were playing a game called point 'em out knock 'em out. so where they would point someone out and then attempt to knock 'em out or attempt to fight 'em, uhm, and there was no real reason behind it. >> police have not confirmed the "game" was the motive. crews in fremont have to tear down before they can build up a new main street. they still have no designate
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downtown area. the mayor says the problem dates back to the '50s when fremont was born. >> it's what fremont mass been lacking. when five -- has been lacking. when five small towns came together each wanted a downtown. so historically fremont is coming o age. >> crews plan to extent capitol avenue to fremont boulevard after the demolition. the mayor expects it all to be completed in the next three to four years. four years ago tonight a pg&e pipeline exploded in san bruno. the blast and fire killed 8 people and injured 66 others. the city is still recovering after more than 50 homes were destroyed or badly damaged. the san bruno mayor says most of the repairs should be finished next year. the wildfire in yosemite is spreading quickly and in several directions. the meadow fire is up to 4400 acres. look at that picture. it's burning through the wilderness east of little
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yosemite valley. most of the battles being waged from planes and helicopters because those flames are far away from any trails. main tourist areas in the park are still open. >> yeah, there's a car coming that guy just got swept up in the water. watch this. dramatic rescue in nevada northeast of las vegas. that van gets swept into the ravine by rising floodwaters. a man stuck in traffic on interstate 15 recording as a group of men went into that rushing water after it. everybody is okay. there were only a couple of minor injuries because of that. a 40-mile stretch of interstate 15 near vegas could be shut down for a few more days. you can see the flooding. waters racing through vegas hotel and casino parking lots yesterday. vegas got more than 3" of rain in an hour. rain flooding expected to continue until tomorrow. >> those cities aren't built for massive amounts of rain and
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flooding. >> the infrastructure isn't there and the soil doesn't absorb anything so you get 3" of florida, the soil grabs it like a sponge. three inches of rain in phoenix, las vegas, tucson, that is a problem. we had one of the wettest days in the desert southwest history. for us, aside from rain, we are not talking about that. great shot from the oakland airport. we are looking i guess north if you will up toward downtown oakland. see the port of oakland off in the distance. it is a bit hazy outside. but it is sunny and it is milder today because we're losing that ocean influence. told you that would happen yesterday. oakland up to 71. livermore 72 this time yesterday. now you're 84. so a dozen degrees warmer inland. san jose 74. san francisco 65. santa rosa 79. we'll cool off again tonight maybe a couple of degrees milder chillier nights getting longer. fremont 58. san jose 59. and napa 55 degrees overnight. sunrise 6:47. how long since a good rainfall
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around here? i'm counting for you, 138 days and i'm here to guarantee we're going to add 7 more if not many more after that. here's why. it's not even close. sometimes we like drama, oh, this storm just missed us to the north! this just missed us -- there's no drama here, zero. this ridge of high pressure is a fortress in the atmosphere. off to the west rain we went get close to anywhere in the area. the ridge is here to stay. with that ridge basically right over top of us, it's cutting off the influence of the ocean, just a very light onshore flow and that's it. so with that, temperatures go up. we'll get more sunshine, less of the ocean influence, means temperatures climbing again tomorrow. very warm september days we do this every year. but it's worth noting that the next five days will be in the 90s away from the water at a minimum. so we're talking about fog and low cloud cover. not pushing inland tonight because the onshore flow is not as strong. 90s for five straight days beginning tomorrow inland. it will be warm near the water, as well. 80 near the bay. 70 at the beach.
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that will be for you on thursday, friday and saturday. so we are getting warmer. concord only 5 degrees above average. 91 your high tomorrow. san jose normal 83. morgan hill gilroy in the 90s. widespread 80s from redwood city south to los altos. sunny available, cupertino, los gatos, 85. fremont 80 tomorrow. 91 in danville. pittsburg 93 benicia 84. 70 in san francisco. we are just getting started. warmer even the day after. san rafael 85. sonoma 86. and the really hot stuff mendocino county, lake county, clearlake tomorrow 96 degrees. so 90s across the board all the way through the weekend inland. we'll see a couple of 80s near the bay friday especially and at the coast we'll see highs around 70 degrees. now, the 9ers thankfully, oh, thank goodness they play at night. if they were playing at 10:00 or 1:00, or 4:00 our time, that would be very -- >> a lot of sunburn. >> there would be a lot -- it's
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going to be warm out there so a little relief at levi's stadium, the game is late afternoon early evening. a birthday bust. a 7-year-old joyride lands him in trouble with the law and his mother says the punishment is way too harsh. unusual offer for the homeowners. it all ,,,, they're bad breath, bad hair
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started when a florida coup - and called a burglar busted breaking into a home had an unusual offer for the homeowners. it started when a florida couple heard footsteps and called 911. colleen was terrified she and her husband joseph's home had been broken into just a couple of weeks before. but what the intruder this time didn't know, the couple was
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armed. >> two weapons we calls carry in the weapon. every time one of us gets up, we even take a gun to the bathroom just to protect ourselves. >> husband joseph managed to wrestle the intruder to the ground and hold him at gunpoint. then the would-be burglar tried to cut a deal. you let me go and i'll mow your lawn. the homeowner didn't go for that. he was arrested. a kid's birthday treasure hunt in texas took an unexpected turn. 7-year-old clayton knight was ticketed by galveston police over the weekend for driving a golf cart. clayton and his mom were searching for treasure on the beach when an officer stopped them and gave him a ticket. >> i was shocked. you know? i have never heard of a 7-year- old getting a ticket. he was worried he was going to go to jail. >> it is illegal for someone under 16 to operate a golf cart in galveston. the police chief says the boy shouldn't be cited. they are working with the family to fix the mistake. today mel brooks got his
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hand and footprints in cement on the hollywood walk of fame. >> if you look closely 88-year- old mel brooks still knows how to pull off a practical joke. >> this will be our day but there will be a lot of tourists in the future who might notice that i had six fingers on my left hand. [ laughter ] >> he did. that was at the old graumann's chinese these theater. >> too funny. we'll be right back but first, here's tonight's bay area jobs report with steven greenberg. >> silence, that's often the sound of job search. of all the resumes sent every week by candidates in the bay area, employers simply won't respond to most of them. what should an applicant do? following up creatively in ways that demonstrate relevant skills could be the perfect way to break the silence. one accountant sent an analysis of the company's 10k. are you a chef? send your references on a cake
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that you made. for a sales job at a toy company, a candidate cut up his resume' like a puzzle and sent pieces of it each day for a week. the company loved it. forget the standard, i'm just calling to see if you got my resume'. this is important for any job including top open positions in the bay area like software engineers, account executives, project manager, executive assistant, and sales development representatives. whatever job you seek, create a follow-up demonstrating relevant skills can get you hired. i'm steven greenberg, kpix 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,
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high kpix 5's veronica de la cruz veronica. here's what's new at 6:00 tonight. a fight over building thousands of homes in the middle of tech country. supporters say it is desperately needed but we hear from critics who say not so fast. plus getting to the game even faster. how at&t park is taking its cue from the airport to keep fans moving along. >> and we continue to follow the search for a missing hayward teenager. it is coming up at 6:00. we'll see you then. paul, we are inching closer and closer to fall but still no rain in sight. we certainly are seeing the heat. >> heat is coming. this is something we do almost every september. we are going to do it in good fashion for the next five days, hot stuff. it's not going to be record- breaking heat but well above average, 90s inland for the next five days and those will be near the bay at the 80s on friday and 70s at the coast. warmer than we have been and lasting for several days. >> thank you for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with
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scott pelley" in iraq tonight. good night. captions by: caption colorado >> schieffer: tonight, what did >> schieffer: tonight, what did the nfl commissioner know and when? for the first time, roger goodell answers questions about h ouhandling of the ray rice scandal and his only interview is with our own norah o'donnell. >> reporter: so did anyone in the nfl see the second videotape before monday? >> schieffer: as the president prepares to tell the nation his strategy for destroying isis, scott pelley is in iraq with errdish leaders who know the terrorists better than anyone. >> pelley: are the u.s. air strikes now enough to defeat isis? >> schieffer: john blackstone on apple rolling out the latest high-tech ways to go shopping, but are they secure? and dr. jon lapook-- can early intervention make a difference with children who show early signs of autism?


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